by Emily Dworak

I’ve been in the Paid Search industry for a while and one of the most common questions from clients I get is, “Why should I bid on my branded terms if we show up anyway in the organic listings?” This is a very good question, why waste your money if consumers will find you in the organic listings for free? Well, below are five reason why it’s important for advertisers to have an appearance on branded terms despite showing up organically…

Real Estate

It’s a no brainer that the more real estate you have on the search engine results page, the greater your visibility, and more visibility leads to greater traffic volume. You’re also seen as a more reputable and trustworthy brand if you’re seen more often. Two listings are always better than one. Also, with recent changes to search results pages – which are particularly limiting the presence and emphasis on organic listings on mobile – paid positions are claiming a larger portion of overall search clicks.


If you don’t bid on your branded terms, a competitor will. Even though consumers are searching on your branded name, they could still be swayed by a competitor’s products or promotions. This could cause you to potentially lose traffic and sales to that competitor. Own your brand.


Studies have proven that bidding on branded terms actually increases your overall traffic volume. Most advertisers assume that if they don’t bid on their branded terms that traffic will be picked up on their organic listing, however, that is not always the case. Bing released a study showing that when branded paid search ads are displayed, advertisers typically see a 31 percent lift in incremental clicks, clicks that organic listings wouldn’t have picked up without branded ads. More traffic equals more customers.


Branded terms have a much lower CPC than non-branded terms due to their high quality score. Owning your branded terms typically costs a fraction of what advertisers pay for non-branded terms. They also have a higher conversion rate thus leading to a stronger ROAS. Why limit your revenue?  If you don’t consistently bid on your brand keywords you may find that your quality score and CPC’s feel the impact as well.


Unlike organic, messaging is in your control with Paid Search. You can control your messaging in your ad copy and show the latest products and promotions that organic listings might not be updated with. Represent your brand the way you want.

We consistently evaluate the incremental impact of bidding on brand keywords versus letting organic alone drive those clicks.  We have yet to see a situation in which the revenue from those branded keywords paid clicks did not produce positive ROI incremental revenue for the advertiser.

So there you have it. Bidding on branded terms is a smart digital strategy to increase your overall traffic and grow your brand.