Customer Data Platforms (CDP) Services

Collect, manage, and activate your most valuable asset - your 1st party data.

Marketing technology stacks include up to 12 solutions these days, creating data silos and redundancy for companies. Customer data platforms have become increasingly critical to a company’s martech stack in order to stay competitive and be successful in the marketplace. Unifying your varying data sources to create comprehensive and consistent customer profiles has never been more important than it is today. 

85SIXTY provides deep experience in platform architecture, data engineering, audience building and technical capabilities across various CDPs like Adobe and mParticle. Whether it is activating your data through display, social, email or through further analytics, we will help you maximize the platform’s value. 

Customer data platforms are powerful tools, but they aren’t automated “set it and forget it” solutions. After implementation, 85SIXTY will work with you to continually manage and maximize the long term potential of a CDP.

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