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85SIXTY delivers superior digital solutions to clients and their in-house teams by merging innovative consumer journey strategies with advanced technology and meticulous execution. This approach guarantees impactful interactions throughout every phase of the customer lifecycle, creating lasting and meaningful business outcomes.

We offer consulting services, implementation support, and ongoing enablement for a variety of digital marketing technologies.

With technology consuming the largest part of a Marketing department’s annual budget, it’s critical to ensure your digital strategy is leveraging the right mix of tools to drive the best business outcomes. Learn more.

Our Martech consultants are embedded directly into your team to gather use cases and conceptualize the best method for tracking your customer behavior across all platforms. Learn more.

Marketers are embarking in a future where the deprecation of third-party cookies will mean tracking, measuring and delivering targeted ads will be limited. Creating a first-party data strategy will be critical. Learn more.

85SIXTY has been at the forefront of choosing, implementing and configuring the best CDPs in the space. Our team will support the evaluation of a CDP you’re considering, guide you through the steps for a successful implementation using our comprehensive integration plans, and provide hands-on configuration to activate each connected destination. Learn more.

After a customer has implemented their chosen Martech stack, 85SIXTY provides oversight of their infrastructure and steers the execution across various activation points including websites, apps, media channels, emails, and other digital platforms as needed. Learn more.

Our Client Experience

Driving Marketing Technology decisions & enablement for leading brands
Ascent Protein - Wellness Brand - Shopify
Murf Electric Bikes - Martech Agency - 85sixty
Momentous - Wellness Brand - Shopify Project
Alterra Mtn Co - Martech agency - 85SIXTY
Maui Nui Venison - Martech agency partner - 85SIXTY

Customer Testimonials

The 85SIXTY team has been informative every step of the way on implementing mParticle. Their work and expertise guiding us through the process has saved us exponentially by not having to hire internal resources and cut timeline for us to get it up and running.
Ashley Lanning
Director of Ecommerce
85SIXTY has been a great partner to work with and they’ve enabled us to really understand how we are going to be leveraging mParticle as a part of our customer’s journey.
Wheel Pros
J. Kellner
Sr Director Ecommerce & Digital Marketing
The 85SIXTY team has felt like a part of my own team. We are truly leveraging our marketing tools better than before and they are always there to support us along the way.
Murf Electric Bikes - Martech Agency - 85sixty
VP, Digital & Ecommerce

Key Technology Partners

Driving success across your Marketing Technology stack requires an ecosystem of trusted 3rd party partners.
mParticle Agency Partner - 85SIXTY
Salesforce Agency Partner - 85SIXTY
The TradeDesk - Agency Partner - 85SIXTY

Martech Ecosystem Analysis and RFP Guidance

Solutioning for today's modern marketing teams.

85SIXTY specializes in conducting thorough audits of your current Martech stack to pinpoint areas for improvement and potential. We guide you through the RFP process and partner selection, ensuring you collaborate with entities that align perfectly with your objectives and ambitions.

Use Case Identification and Implementation

Today's customer journey is complex.

Our team works closely with clients to uncover specific use cases by leveraging existing insights, interactive workshops, and thorough analysis. We transform these insights into foundational requirements and designs for CDP implementation, alongside initiating the first MVP use cases.

First-Party Data Strategy Formulation

The deprecation of cookies is coming.

85SIXTY is committed to formulating a robust first party data strategy, enabling you to harness your customer data effectively. This strategy is aimed at enhancing web personalization, media engagement, and analytical capabilities while adhering to privacy standards and compliance requirements.

CDP Implementation and Optimization

Orchestrating what matters so you get ROI.

We offer expert assistance in integrating and optimizing technology and data engineering efforts. Our services encompass a collaborative approach to CDP implementation, covering everything from data ingestion to destination configuration, focused on audience segmentation and personalized experiences.

Continual Management and Tactical Execution

We make ourselves a part of your team.

85SIXTY extends its expertise to bolster your internal teams, offering ongoing management and technical support. Our role involves overseeing your marketing technology infrastructure and steering the execution across various activation points including websites, apps, media channels, emails, and other digital platforms as needed..


Most frequent questions and answers about our Digital Solutions team and their MarTech Consulting Services.

We focus on improving your digital strategy, which includes everything from auditing your current marketing technology to implementing Customer Data Platforms (CDPs), and ensuring it all runs smoothly after launch.

Our team combines a deep understanding of customer journeys with the latest technology, ensuring not just a solution, but the right solution for your specific challenges.

Our team is always learning, attending industry events and training sessions to ensure we’re using the latest and most effective strategies and tools. We are also certified partners with some of the most well known technology providers in the market like Adobe, Salesforce, mParticle, Klaviyo, LiveRamp and more.

We start each engagement by really understanding your needs, then carefully plan and execute, staying in close communication with you at every step.

We love working with internal marketing teams too. We’re all about collaboration and will work closely with your team to make sure our strategies are perfectly integrated with your ongoing operations.

The end results are that we’ll help you deliver better customer engagement and a more efficient, data-driven approach to your digital marketing efforts, leading to growth and improved customer satisfaction.

Using email addresses as unique identifiers is compliant with GDPR as long as you obtain explicit consent from the users, ensure their data is securely processed, and provide them with the ability to access, rectify, or delete their data upon request.

Server-side can be part of the solution, offering more control over data and a reduced dependency on client-side browsers. However, they should be integrated as part of a broader, privacy-compliant and user-centric strategy.

Clients are proactively adapting by focusing on collecting and leveraging first-party data, developing robust data management strategies, and investing in technologies like Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) to ensure they can deliver personalized experiences in a privacy-compliant way.

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