Customer Lifecycle Marketing, Email & SMS

Build stronger customer relationships with data-informed strategies.

The more relevant your interactions are with consumers, the more likely they are to become lifelong customers. Too often, we see companies that are unable to interpret how to best connect with someone and instead treat all customers as though they fall into just a few small poorly segmented and inflexible audiences.

85SIXTY combines deep experience in structuring your first party data along with technical expertise across a wide range of platforms to activate your customer data in meaningful ways that increase revenue and customer satisfaction. We bring a very specific approach and methodology to audience creation that allows you to consistently be more relevant to your customers. We utilize this in lifecycle planning across the entire journey – from prospect to high value lifetime customer. This includes syndicating both dynamic and deliberately created audience segments to paid and owned channels. 

We care deeply about the interplay between email & SMS, on-site experiences as well as paid media to not only drive immediate results, but to meet the needs of customers. Our clients consistently see monumental increases in key metrics such as LTV and repurchase rates, revenue per visit, as well as increases in product usage and brand satisfaction as a result of the work we do.

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