Brands require a clear coherent strategy to win. 85SIXTY brings an integrated approach that is our key differentiator.

The primary focus of 85SIXTY is building game-changing strategies for forward thinking businesses in highly competitive industries. The first step in this process is always working intimately with our clients to define meaningful objectives. From there, we define tactics, partners, key performance indicators, timelines, and deliverables so that we can generate real results.

Strategy is word that gets thrown around a lot. For us, it boils down to using your strength. It isn’t just about finding ways to flex your current strength but also creating greater strength through the coherence of design as well as identifying additional ways to utilize your strengths and take advantage of the weaknesses of competitors. For marketing strategy, that requires an integrated approach. All of our work revolves around how to get the various parts of your business moving towards the same goal. We firmly believe that the sum is greater than the parts. Whether than means being consistent in messaging, utilizing insights from one channel to impact another, sequencing messaging, or bringing offline data to bear on evaluating digital efforts our tactics are driven by this integrated approach.

Transformative, Cross-Channel Strategies
We don’t simply develop lofty brand strategies (though we do that too) – we help our clients bring these strategies to life. Since consumers today experience brands across many different channels and devices, our plans consider how these channels can best work together to reach a brand’s goals. Every one of our strategists has a keen understanding of traditional marketing as well as digital, social, and mobile platforms: Cross-channel fluency is necessary to develop transformative plans that don’t just sound nice, but actually work.

Some of Our Strategy Services:

  • Brand Strategy & Planning
  • Media Strategy
  • Communications Planning
  • Content Strategy
  • Digital Architecture Development
  • Brand Voice Development
  • Social Strategy
  • Mobile Strateg


We help brands small and large get their message to the right audience across multiple channels whether the objective is awareness or sales.

It is estimated that people have 5,000 brand encounters ever day but only a small portion of those are even noticed. Digital media has long been positioned as uniquely suited to identify which users are likely to be receptive to your brand and then “target” them at exactly the right place at the right time. However, between banner blindness, ad blocking, ad fraud, uninspired creative and generally poor accountability, the promise of using digital to efficiently help the right consumers discover your brand is often unmet. At 85SIXTY we seek to develop an intimate understanding of your audience and how media channels and partners intersect with your industry and brand to dial into a media plan powered by compelling creative that will start moving consumers down the purchase path.

While our origins are in digital media, we are channel agnostic. In fact, we find ourselves incorporating emerging and non-digital channels including experiential ever more frequently as the overall media landscape becomes more dynamic.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Display (Open Exchange, Private Marketplaces, Automated Guaranteed)
  • Paid Social
  • Video
  • Mobile/Cross-device
  • Dynamic Creative
  • Native
  • Digital OTT
  • Traditional Media (print, radio, OOH)


Advertising is being revolutionized by the emergence of automated one-to-one decisioning and media buying tools. Our experts can help you take advantage of this opportunity.

A data driven approach to media buying is at the core of 85SIXTY. As such, we were one of the early adopters of programmatic media buying. We see programmatic as a way to give control over media back to marketers while also increasing efficacy and efficiency. We find that many agencies believe that opening an IO with a DSP is a programmatic strategy. It is not. Programmatic is not just an efficient inventory source. Programmatic represents a once-in-lifetime opportunity to reinvent the way that brands communicate with consumers.

To build and maintain effective programmatic programs, our team integrates with clients to develop a deep understanding of their business objectives and customers which then inform highly customized programmatic approaches. These approaches may span multiple channels including social, display, video, mobile and search. We spend a significant amount of effort in analyzing existing data and deploying an adaptive data-infrastructure that will allow clients for fully leverage the potential of programmatic while also creating a framework for assessing the impact of campaigns.

Programmatic execution at 85SIXTY can result in broad audience focused campaigns with relatively simple rules and targeting. For other clients, we are leveraging user-level data and scoring and individual’s propensity to convert based on a variety of first and third party data attributes to determine the appropriate creative, media placement, and bid rules. Based on the campaign, we may rely on the primary algorithms within different automated buying platforms. For other campaigns, we deploy highly customized individual scores based on a variety of factors including CRM data to determine the correct message, context, and bid which we then sync to the buying engine to drive the desired action efficiently and at scale.

No matter what your objective – awareness, consideration or immediate purchase, 85SIXTY is uniquely positioned to help you reach the right audiences through automation and addressability.


From strategy to execution, we help make sense of the ever-changing role of social media marketing in any business. We’ve increased engagement and managed social communities for some of the world’s top brands.

We work with brands to understand what is relevant to their current and potential customers and then use social to facilitate conversations that have utility for both. We call this “true engagement” and it is different for every brand. While brands used to just throw up a Facebook page, populate it with memes and have hundreds of thousands of followers in a short period of time, the evolution of social increases the responsibility of brands to use social media in a way that is meaningful to their audiences. Boundaries between paid, owned and earned media dissolve inside of social channels which make strategy and analysis critical. 85SIXTY brings a combination of analytics and research, experience managing large communities, and the ability to quickly build quality content to help our client’s navigate this ever changing opportunity to interact directly with their customers.

At 85SIXTY we understand that social has a different role for every client. We look at every available platform to understand what is going to be meaningful. With our help, our clients have become pioneers on Snapchat and Periscope. We have led our customers to numerous awards for their social efforts. However, healthy social communities with highly engaged consumers are the greatest reward.

Our Social Media Offering Includes:

  • Social Strategy
  • Content Development
  • Community Management
  • Paid Social Media
  • User Engagement
  • Social Listening
  • Social Analytics
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Customized Partnerships
  • Crisis Planning & Management


It all starts with good data, but getting good data is a massive challenge in itself. We make sure that you have the right information at your fingertips so that you can be smarter.

Data informs everything that we do at 85SIXTY. Client engagements always start with a deep dive into every available piece of quantifiable information. We use that to understand how we will measure success as well as to evaluate how well suited existing data infrastructure is to provide our clients with the information they need. Often, we move well beyond the normal confines of “marketing” to aggregate the right combination of datasets. This highly collaborative exercise allows us to clarify and align client objectives while also establishing a framework for evaluating effectiveness.

Analytics and data science is not a one-size fits all offering. It is highly customizable and consistently evolving. No one platform is capable of capturing, managing and manipulating any client’s marketing data.

Our analytics efforts generally fall into 2 areas. First, we assure that reliable data is available to influence immediate high yield opportunities such as media optimization, website optimization, content & social opportunities and audience expansion. Secondly, we organize more complex data sets such as CRM and offline to create hyper relevant customer experiences as well as to identify and quantify opportunities for growth.

Our Analytics Capabilities Include:

  • KPI Development & Measurement Planning
  • Cross Channel Reporting & Insight Creation
  • Marketing Platform Selection & Solutions Integration
  • Predictive Modeling & User Scoring
  • User Segmentation Strategies
  • Cross Channel Attribution
  • Business Intelligence through Proprietary Dashboards
  • Going deep down the rabbit hole


Information Architecture is an important part of our approach. We help our clients identify the salient points for data collection as well as the tools required to both store and leverage data.

As our clients rely on us to solve a variety of business and technology problems and also build coherent strategies across the enterprise, Information Architecture has become an important part of our approach. We help our clients identify the salient points for data collection as well as the tools required to store and leverage data as they seek to distill the signal from the noise. We also assist with predictive analytics, data warehousing and data mining, as well as business intelligence.


Email is still the king for driving response. To build long term value from email, you need the right message, the right segmentation, and the right partners.

Email remains the single most effective method of driving recurring revenue from existing customers. It is also a key method for communicating with your most high intent prospects. We have expertise designing and executing sophisticated email programs for clients across a wide variety of industries utilizing a variety of different technologies.

Success with email requires marketers to look at the role of email within an integrated communication strategy including using automation to message known users based on a wide variety of online and offline actions. Looking at email marketing through a one-to-one real-time lens presents massive opportunities for customization. However, this requires a partner with the experience to unlock the potential of email and automation.

At 85SIXTY, we manage highly segmented email programs for brands that place high value on lifetime customer value.

Our Email Capabilities Include:

  • Email Service Provider Selection & Implementation
  • Customer Segmentation Strategies
  • Responsive Email Template Design & Development
  • Dynamic Email Design & Development
  • Email Campaign Management & Execution


No matter how perfect the planning and targeting, it is creative that makes the difference between the levels of success for any campaign.

Unlike many other agencies, we believe that creative is an ever changing expression of the value of a brand for its customers. 85SIXTY sees creative as the nexus between data driven insights and great ideas.

Our Creative Capabilities Include:

  • Identity Design
  • Campaign Ideation
  • Digital Asset Design and Production
  • UI / UX Design
  • Website Development
  • HTML 5 / CSS 3
  • Print Design
  • Marketing Collateral Design & Production
  • Video and Commercial Concepts
  • Video Production Management
  • Email Campaign Management & Execution