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Not just another Shopify Developer

We aren’t just another Shopify development agency; we’re an Enterprise Shopify Plus Agency Partner. With the acquisition of Digital Operative we added ecommerce veterans that deliver awesome digital experiences on Shopify Plus.

We combine our expertise in the Shopify Plus platform with Commerce Strategy, Content Design and Complex Integrations to breath life into direct-to-consumer (DTC) channels at all stages of growth across a variety of industries.

Data-driven digital experiences that meet brand and commerce goals through an integrated approach.

Solving today’s challenges with business analysis and technical architecture for Shopify Plus & Sanity CMS. Learn more.

Every engagement starts with a strategic alignment of objectives, personas, functionality, integrations and timeline. Learn more.

We bridge the brand strategy and commerce objectives to create a customer-centric experience that drives objectives. Learn more.

In our partnership with Shopify Plus, we are helping merchants solve complex integrations, create unique functionality and build scalable solutions to meet their needs. Learn more.

We understand the challenges that arise when implementing SEO for Shopify websites. Our team has experience addressing areas like poor technical SEO, missing content strategy and little to no link building strategies. To have a real integrated approach, you need the right paid media mix to drive your customer acquisition objectives. Learn more.

Experienced in helping brands move from Magento, Miva, WooCommerce, Custom Builds and more. Learn more.

Our Client Experience

Driving Shopify Plus website design & development for leading brands
Solvia Superfood - Best Shopify Agency Plus Partner for Development
Troy Lee Designs - Best Shopify Agency Plus Partner for Development
Roccat - Best Shopify Agency Plus Partner for Development
Turtle Beach - Best Shopify Agency Plus Partner for Development
CO by Colgate - Best Shopify Agency Plus Partner for Development
Ecovacs - Best Shopify Agency Plus Partner for Development
Manhattan Beachwear - Best Shopify Agency Plus Partner for Development
Bare Republic - Best Shopify Agency Plus Partner for Development
Laird Superfood - Best Shopify Agency Plus Partner for Development
Baby Tula - Best Shopify Agency Plus Partner for Development
Ascent Protein - Wellness Brand - Shopify
GU Energy Labs - Sports & Wellness Brand - Shopify Project
Momentous - Wellness Brand - Shopify Project
COOLA - Shopify 2.0 Project for Beauty Skincare Brand
Yonex - Shopify Project for Global Sports Brand

Customer Testimonials

They're a great agency to work with. We’ve worked on a couple of projects together and I am always amazed by the results of their work. They always have great understanding of where the brand currently is and where it should be in the future and they put in the work to ensure that this happens.
Javier S.
VP Digital Mktg & Ecommerce
85SIXTY is a great agency to work with. We work so closely with their teams that they have become an extension of my internal team, tackling all our development, strategizing on new SEO opportunities, and always working to optimize our site. They’re not just a great agency, but they’ve become a great partner.
Customer - Shopify Plus Agency Partner - Turtle Beach
Maria S.
Sr. Director Global Digital Marketing
They have been a key strategic partner for Baby Tula—helping drive up our RPV and CVR across all our ecommerce sites. Their optimizations continue to improve our customer experience, and we can see in the results that everything they do is helping propel our business forward. We value their digital expertise tremendously and highly recommend them for anyone looking for a partner that can drive strategy and results.
Samantha - Shopify Plus Agency Partner - Customer
Samantha L.
Marketing Manager

Key Technology Partners

Driving success on Shopify Plus requires an ecosystem of trusted 3rd party partners.
Builder.io Agency Partner - Shopify Agency 85SIXTY
Nosto Agency Partner - 85SIXTY
Algolia Solution Partner - 85SIXTY Shopify
Signifyd Agency Partner - 85SIXTY

Solution & Technical Architecture

Solutioning for Shopify Plus websites that addresses merchant motivators and meets business objectives.

We sit down with your key stakeholders, define requirements, discover consumer pain points, audit your ecommerce technology stack and architect the RIGHT solution.

Ecommerce Website Strategy

Experience is everything in today's marketplace.

From CX strategy to Technical SEO, we help brands on Shopify Plus deliver exceptional customer experience strategies that drive revenue and build brand loyalty built on a proven scientific methodology.

Shopify Plus UX & Design

Balancing Content & Commerce is critical today.

Our team works with you to understand objectives that span branding, user experience and visual design to engage your visitor and guide them to the appropriate pathway. We call this "The Happy Path." We work with Sanity CMS, Gatsby, WordPress, Shogun and Builder.io

Shopify Plus Development

Crafting code that performs and scales.

From building custom Shopify Plus website themes to Shopify 2.0 migrations to Shopify Hydrogen to Sanity CMS, our team brings over 14 years in ecommerce website development to deliver rich digital experiences.

Website Data Integrations & Shopify Apps

We solve complex Shopify Plus integrations simply.

We assist clients with complex 3rd party integrations, data migrations, POS, ERP, extending native Shopify Plus functionality and creating custom applications.

Platform Migrations

White glove service to ensure your move is smooth.

Our team will sit down wtih you to map out the best path for moving from platforms like Magento, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Miva, WooCommerce and even custom builds to Shopify Plus, ensuring your critical data makes it over.

Going Global

Powering global brands with Shopify Plus + 85SIXTY

We've launched some pretty significant brands globally over the past 10 years that you know and some we continue to support today. International Shopify Plus installations powered by Markets Pro, Global-e and Bespoke Installs. We've supported NAM, EMEA, APAC and LATAM.

Headless Shopify

For more technical & experience-driven brands

We work with your team to spec out the right Headless Commerce stack often powered by Shopify Hydrogen, Sanity CMS, and/or the CMS of your choice. Immersive experiences, publishing flexibility and site performance are core objectives to a Headless website project.

Post-Launch CRO

The numbers don't lie. Just ask our customers.

We deliver a proven website optimization & testing framework powered by science, insights-based learnings and technology to meet your digital experience objectives. We are certified partners of Optimizely, VWO, Adobe Target and Google.

Website Analytics & BI

Insights for Content & Commerce Experiences

As both a Google Premier Partner and Adobe partner, our team provides audits, roadmaps and hands-on technical implementation of tagging, analytics configurations and dashboards across Tableau, GA4, GTM, Target and more MarTech products.

Shopify SEO & Paid Media

Integrated strategies to drive growth on Shopify Plus.

We deliver a proven approach to driving both organic SEO and Paid Media for Shopify Plus merchants. We understand the common pitfalls for Shopify SEO and how the right media mix can drive customer acquisition to meet your objectives. Our full stack digital marketing team is well-versed in Meta, Instagram, Google, TikTok and more.


Most frequent questions and answers about Shopify Plus

We’ve been helping brands on Shopify over the past 10 years drive growth through an integrated approach to digital marketing. With our acquisition of Digital Operative, we added ecommerce veterans with a decade of experience and 6 years within Shopify Plus specifically.

Since every engagement for Shopify Plus starts with a strategic alignment phase, our team will take baselines for your website metrics. We then develop a strategy to address the metrics that drive your objectives. Throughout the process we use those as a yard stick to support our decisions and recommendations for you. Once we launch, you then have the ability to go back and see if your strategic objectives were met and measure your previous baseline metrics.

The reality is that 95% of customers who engage us on a website project, sign on for a retainer to continue driving growth through CRO strategies, digital marketing channels and creative support. We work together long-term to continue to drive success together. At the end of the day, revenue is the ultimate metric, we just show you how to tune all the other metrics to get there.

Yes we do. We actually manage, maintain and support one of the largest Shopify Plus global installations of over 30 websites for two brands. Our next largest customer has 10 global websites on Shopify Plus for DTC and B2B. Our team has extensive experience working with Shopify Plus globally addressing multi-lingual, multi-currency, ERP integrations, CRM integrations and more.

If you are a merchant selling high volume, you can focus on expanding your business by using Shopify Plus. From DTC to retail to B2B to social media, you can sell across every channel and market—from one ecommerce platform. That means centralized data and powerful customer insights across every part of your business.

Shopify Plus features built-in security, compliance, data encryption, and fraud and bot protection. Offer bundles, free gifts, advanced discounts, and more with Shopify Functions. All automated. Automate your flash sales, product drops, and inventory restocks across channels, right in Shopify.

Sure, let’s take a look at some reasons why a headless Shopify website might make sense for you:

1. Selling Everywhere:
– If you want to sell your products not just on your website but also on mobile apps, different websites, or other devices, a headless website approach helps you manage and deliver your content smoothly across all these places.

2. Design Freedom:
– When you want the freedom to use different looks or styles for your website without affecting how it works, a headless setup allows your website’s look and functionality to be managed separately.

3. Faster Website:
– For a website that needs to load really fast, a headless setup can help because it separates the way your website looks from the way it functions. This separation can increase the speed of your website.

4. Connecting with Other Tools:
– When your business relies on other tools or services, like for selling products or tracking analytics, a headless approach makes it easier to connect and use these tools together.

5. Customized Shopping Experiences:
– If you want to offer personalized experiences for your customers based on their preferences, a headless setup allows you to do that by managing how your content is shown separately from the content itself across different visitor types.

6. Ready for the Future:
– If you want your Shopify website to be ready for new technologies as they come out, a headless setup gives you the flexibility to adapt without having to change everything.

7. Easy Team Collaboration:
– If different teams work on the look of your website and how it functions, a headless setup makes it easier for these teams to work together without one team affecting the other.

In simple terms, a headless website setup is like having the freedom to sell your products everywhere, make your website look how you want it, load really fast, connect with other tools, offer personalized experiences to your customers, be ready for the future, and have your teams work together easily.

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