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How Comprehensive User Research Can Increase Your Bottom Line

Create Exceptional Experiences for Your Users By Getting To Know Them

In the quest to truly understand their target audience, many businesses often believe that crafting a user persona is enough. While user personas undeniably hold value for user-centric decision-making, relying solely on them can limit the depth of insights gained from comprehensive user research. Embracing a holistic approach to user research is essential to propel your team towards delivering business solutions that genuinely cater to users’ needs and offer exceptional experiences.

The Consequences of Neglecting Comprehensive User Research

Neglecting comprehensive user research can lead to problems for your business, such as

❌ Mismatched user motivations resulting in low user engagement and abandonment

❌ User anxiety leading to lower conversion rates 

❌ Lost revenue due to ineffective user journeys and buyer pathways

Without digging deep into user motivations and preferences, you risk creating products or websites that entirely miss the mark, alienating your target audience and failing to resonate with their goals.

So, What Are The Benefits of Embracing Comprehensive User Research?

When you take the time to conduct thorough and effective user research, you empower your team to make informed decisions that result in:

✅ A website or product that aligns with users’ motivations and pain points to deliver an exceptional User Experience

✅ A personalized approach that increases KPIs like conversion rates, incremental revenue, engagement, and AOV.

✅ Consistently meeting user expectations and mental models heightening customer satisfaction and loyalty

Improved productivity and reduced wasted resources as insights define a clear, optimized path forward

Let’s delve deeper into these user research advantages to supercharge your customer experience and user experience strategies.

The Impact of Comprehensive User Research on User Experience

Comprehensive user research empowers your team to understand your audience, shape design choices, and create a user-centric, intuitive digital experience that evolves with user needs through empathy and feedback. This means your offerings and user experiences deliver consistently.

For example, imagine you’re a hotel or resort chain aiming to create a seamless user experience that encourages users to purchase a new line of VIP packages. Research might entail surveying or interviewing frequent travelers to understand their priorities and analyzing online behaviors and user flows. This research could reveal that business travelers value speedy check-in processes, while families are motivated by kid-friendly amenities. You can then use this data to tailor the customer experience, giving you a competitive edge.

User Research Facilitates Enhanced Conversion Rates and Revenue

To enhance an experience, it’s important to focus on people, not just products. User research focuses on people, reducing friction and frustration and enhancing conversion chances. Identifying upsell, cross-sell, and targeted marketing opportunities through user research, personas, and feedback can increase incremental revenue. Similarly, leveraging user insights allows you to create targeted promotions and offers that resonate with your audience, driving conversion and encouraging repeat business.

Think of your e-commerce site like a physical store. Just as real stores use secret shoppers to gather insights that inform store layout and product placement, use comprehensive user research to optimize your online store. Rearrange product listings and make personalized recommendations based on user behavior and preferences to boost checkout rates and increase average order value.

Enhancing Customer Satisfaction and Retention Rates Through User Research

A mentor once told me, ‘Win the long-term customer, and you win.’ Hard stop.

In any business, it’s all about Lifetime Customer Value driven by loyalty and built on trust and understanding. Just like in personal relationships with friends and loved ones, your users expect trust and extra effort to get to know them and make them happy so they stick around.

Thorough research leads to a personalized user experience that builds trust. Furthermore, regular feedback-driven improvements keep the experience relevant, leading to positive reviews, repeat business, and customer loyalty that sets your brand apart.

Research Empowers You To Optimize Work Productivity and Resources

Effective user research serves as a guiding compass, preventing costly mistakes and resource wastage. It allows you to create a strategy that will genuinely work. One of my favorite examples of this is at the Houston Airport. Instead of embarking on a major redesign to address baggage claim wait time complaints, the airport cleverly altered passenger behavior. They relocated the arrival gate, effectively reducing perceived wait times by 250% and eliminating customer complaints, all while saving substantial resources. This remarkable solution underscores the power of user research in guiding design decisions, prioritizing solutions effectively, and enhancing user testing to ensure your efforts harmonize seamlessly with your audience’s most critical needs.

Overcoming Barriers to Comprehensive User Research

While the benefits of comprehensive user research are evident, some organizations may hesitate to embrace it due to challenges, including time and resource constraints or a belief that they already understand their audience well enough. However, investing in thorough user research is essential for gathering accurate data that drives results rather than relying on biased assumptions, which risks solving for the wrong issue or prioritizing the wrong features.

The Path to Effective User Research

By integrating user research into your team’s workflow, you can significantly optimize your efforts, generating substantial revenue growth.

If you’re weary of the hit-or-miss approach of throwing ideas against the wall to see if they stick and want to stop squandering valuable time, energy, or financial resources, it’s time to prioritize user research. We’ll even kickstart the process for you.

At 85Sixty, we offer a complimentary website research audit, helping you lay a solid foundation. Our initial research, provided at no cost, will unveil valuable insights to help construct a Customer Experience strategy that consistently drives toward your revenue objectives. Click the button below and complete the form to apply.

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