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Using Creative Strategy to Reach New Heights in Brand Awareness

Ascent Protein was entering the tail end of its summer campaign and gearing up for a major seasonal timepoint in January. 85SIXTY faced the challenge of developing a new sports nutrition campaign that would break through the noise of a deeply saturated environment during January–a high priority seasonal period for brands seeking to engage new customers entering the fitness market. We set out to develop a campaign that would tie emotional sentiment with performance creative and paid media learnings and drive measurable growth in brand awareness and purchase intent.

Our Role


Our Proof


Increase in Brand Awareness

compared to a 4.0pt benchmark


Increase in Purchase Intent

compared to a 1.7pt benchmark

Our Strategy

In order to apply the campaign message across media executions in an effective way to drive brand awareness and increased purchases, 85SIXTY employed a data-driven approach to creative production through creative testing and creative designed to support different aspects of the purchase funnel.

As creative becomes increasingly important in the crowded paid media landscape, we refined our creative and messaging through learnings distilled from monthly, iterative creative tests executed throughout 2023, including: prioritizing quantitative messaging in conversion tactics, improved product photography practices, and the expansion of supporting specific flavor callouts as Ascent Protein continued to invest in the research and development of innovative new flavors. In addition to fine tuning creative for core tactics, our media recommendation included the expansion of investment towards digital out of home, such as Ascent Protein’s first Times Square placements, expanding audience targeting to engage first party segments, and a dedicated creative strategy for TikTok paid media to drive awareness and purchases.

The team is great to partner with on creative ideation, execution & working within tight budgets & schedules. They have also been a great partner in their approach to creative specifically for platforms like Instagram & TikTok which require different solutions than traditional media. Once the creative is live in market, the 85SIXTY team does a nice job of measuring the creative output monthly, sharing those results with the team & optimizing accordingly. Our creative output & performance has definitely improved in the last year working with their team.
Kirsten K.
Head of Marketing & Partnerships

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