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Irish Breeze, a leading global manufacturer of baby products was looking to expand their visibility and capture more market share for their household brand WaterWipes, the world’s purest baby wipes, on both domestic and international Amazon marketplaces. They looked to us for assistance in helping to optimize their listings to achieve organic keyword ranking growth and overall conversion rates. While they had already invested in producing some quality imagery and content for their products, our goal was to amplify both their existing content as well as create new in order to best optimize for Amazon.

Our Role

Our Proof

Increase in Overall Conversion Rate
Increase in Revenue Per Visit
Reduction in Bounce Rate
Increase in Session Duration
WaterWipes Mobile

Our Strategy

Product Listing Optimization

Because WaterWipes is directly competing against nationally-recognized, legacy household names, it was imperative that their Amazon product listings were optimized to quickly convert Amazon shoppers to buyers. Because images are more engaging than copy on Amazon, we used product imagery to educate potential customers about the benefits and differentiators of WaterWipes’ products. We also incorporated WaterWipes’ current product copy to formulate SEO product titles and bullet points to highlight important features and assist in search ranking for high traffic keywords.

In order to fully build on WaterWipes’ product pages, we used our in-house expert design team and categorical research of competitors to develop content for all products that was informative, aesthetically pleasing, and incorporated cross-sell opportunities for their other products.

Since WaterWipes’ had a limited catalog of 3 products, we focused on key brand features to design and develop an Amazon brand store that was representative of their brand identity and catered to target demographics. We focused on key brand messaging while optimizing imagery for mobile devices to create a dynamic shoppable experience.

Our experience on this project has been enjoyable, trusting and reliable; with the launch of 3 new products, we were confident that a continued partnership would benefit us greatly for our Amazon business.
Ashley K.

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