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Turtle Beach's digital agency
Turtle Beach's digital agency

Crafting A Customer Journey for the Turtle Beach Recon 70

Turtle Beach, a leading global manufacturer of gaming headsets and equipment has held the throne of making the #1 best selling wireless gaming headset in the market today, the Recon 70. This headset is unmatched in audio quality, gameplay features and comfort within its’ starter price point range.

The online information, experience and value of this product on TurtleBeach.com however, was not matching the retail channel performance. Our job was to uncover the key product stories, content and consumer validation that shoppers care most about to create a digital experience that rivaled the “Wow Factor” of the Recon 70 itself.

Our Role

Our Proof

Increase In Product Interaction
Increase in Content Interraction
Increase in Session Duration
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Our Strategy


In order to create a user-centric journey page designed to reduce friction, elevate the product story and drive sales, we conducted extensive research and data analysis to uncover the optimal journey and landing page experience for consumers. By employing Rapid Opportunity Testing (RPT) utilizing the VWO conversion rate optimization platform, we conducted tests within the navigation and key landing page pathways connecting users with the Recon 70 headset. We also evaluated Shopify website analytics to find roadblocks that may prevent customers from purchasing. Lastly, we outlined key value differentiators and customer segments based on customer, market and competitive analysis.

Content and UX

The overarching UX and Content Strategy boiled down three fundamental elements: mobile-first design, the ability for consumers to self segment around key product features and benefits, and presenting relevant, personalized content to customers first. Based on this strategy, we designed an experience that allowed users to select a pathway to product efficacy and customer validation between “Great Audio Quality” and “Long-Lasting Comfort”. Within each pathway customers were presented an interactive flow of content, highlighting the values and validation that were influential for this audience. Additionally, we established a consistent hierarchy of scalable and editable content modules that enabled the Turtle Beach team to share a variety of stories in unique interactive ways.


We lead the art direction for Turtle Beach’s new stylized product photography for 2020, photographed, composited and provided clean beautiful product shots. We designed minimalist sets that would enhance the features of the product, while allowing Turtle Beach to modify images for future use across marketing channels and their ecommerce website.

We work so closely with their teams that they have become an extension of my internal team, tackling all our development, strategizing on new opportunities, and always working to optimize our site. They’re not just a great agency, but they’ve become a great partner.
Maria S.

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