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Optimizing Baby Tula

Baby Tula is a San Diego based company that designs comfortable and easy-to-use baby carriers in a wide variety of prints. They approached Digital Operative looking to increase revenue at their existing audience level. Our challenge was to create and execute a strategy that would continuously increase revenue per unique visitor, squeezing the most out of every visit. This type of strategy is perfect for ecommerce managers seeking growth while operating on a cost conscious marketing budget.

Our Role

Our Proof

Increase in Revenue Per Visit
Increase in Average Order Value
Increase in Conversion Rate
Baby Tula Mobile

Our Strategy

User Experience

With a mobile audience of over 70%, a mobile first approach with to-the-point messaging and an easily navigable experience was paramount. Combining minimalist content with process indication and large CTA’s enhanced navigation and product selection. Using VWO’s suite of research tools, we identified several issues in the overall site experience, including navigational organization, confusing cart eye-path, and a need for more payment options. Our Shopify team provided incremental improvements that impacted clickthrough rates, conversion rates, and revenue per visitor. 

Data confirmed that visitors also had difficulty articulating the differences between main product collections. To remedy this, we designed a homepage element that improved product differentiation and had a positive impact on clickthrough rates and adds to cart. Along with the homepage element, we also tested messaging on product pages to uncover visitors’ values regarding carrier collections.

For holiday marketing, we made dedicated landing pages consisting of various gift suggestion pages that matched incoming motivations. We analyzed, tested, and iterated the experience using VWO to drive peak performance. The success of these pages, in combination with program improvements, fueled a fabulous 4th quarter performance.


In order to meet our goal to increase Revenue Per Visitor (which takes both conversion rate [CR] and average order value [AOV] into account) we used an optimization strategy that targets experience improvements and uses value articulation to increase upsell and quantity per transaction. Our instinct that testing and execution of these tactics prior to the holiday season would lead to exponential results proved to be correct. The team executed on that approach leading up to the holiday season, seeing steady monthly increases in CR (+8%) and AOV (+11%) along the way.

Their optimizations continue to improve our customer experience, and we can see in the results that everything they do is helping propel our business forward. We value their digital expertise tremendously and highly recommend them for anyone looking for a partner that can drive strategy and results.
Samantha L.

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