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Turtle Beach Headset
Turtle Beach Headset

Streamlined Shopping for Gamers

Turtle Beach, a prominent brand in the gaming accessory market, faced challenges with its website performance, particularly in optimizing user journeys at the top of the shopping funnel. The primary issues we identified included complex navigation, cumbersome exploration processes, and obstacles on product collection pages. Additionally, product presentation and information clarity were not sufficiently effective in converting visitors into customers. These issues collectively resulted in lower user satisfaction and suboptimal conversion rates. To address these challenges, Turtle Beach tasked 85SIXTY to create an experimentation program to:

    1. Simplify website navigation to ensure users can easily find and explore products.
    2. Create engaging pathways that effectively guide users through the website.
    3. Reduce obstacles on product collection pages to streamline the browsing experience.
    4. Enhance product presentation and improve the clarity of product information.
The ultimate goal of these initiatives was to boost user satisfaction and drive higher conversion rates, thereby improving overall website performance and supporting the company’s growth in the competitive gaming accessory market.

Our Role

Our Proof

Increase in Conversion Rate
Increase in Product Engagement
Increase in Add to Cart Rate
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Our Strategy


Through rigorous testing and iteration, 85SIXTY optimized the Turtle Beach website performance by aligning with user preferences and behavior patterns. Based on analytics and behavioral analyses, we focused our testing efforts on simplifying the navigation, improving the quality of product engagements, and reducing barriers to purchase. Our approach resulted in a more seamless and satisfying user experience, ultimately driving higher conversion rates by increasing the relevancy of product engagements to higher converting opportunities.

Test, Learn, & Repeat...

During this process, we used the following tactics to paint the overall picture:

  • To determine the most intuitive navigation, various concepts were rigorously tested, showcasing the effectiveness of experimentation. By prioritizing visual cues, particularly within a top-down navigation structure, users were able to explore effortlessly.

  • On the homepage and landing pages, visual-based navigable pathways were implemented to align with user preferences. Experimentation results highlighted the importance of catering to user needs while ensuring sales and refurbished bargains were prominently featured without overshadowing other pathways.

  • For product collection pages, techniques like optimizing image size and clarity were employed, proving through experimentation that these changes provided a seamless browsing experience. The focus was on skimmable, bite-sized product value declarations, particularly enhancing the mobile user experience.

  • Product pages underwent a complete overhaul, guided by extensive experimentation that revealed user priorities for specific features. These tests highlighted the immense value users place on large, high-quality images paired with clear, concise product information. The strategic integration of process cues was also tested, demonstrating their effectiveness in smoothly guiding users through the purchasing journey. Experimentation allowed us to prioritize content presentation, ensuring that the most important elements were prominently featured to enhance user experience and satisfaction.


By implementing the insights gained from testing and user feedback, Turtle Beach successfully enhanced the user experience across its website driving performance increases in revenue, conversions (+20%) and overall product engagement (+30%).

The optimized navigation, engaging homepage pathways, and streamlined product pages contributed to measurable improvements in  user satisfaction and conversion rates.

The iterative approach to website optimization allowed Turtle Beach to adapt to evolving user preferences and continuously enhance its online shopping experience.

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After rebuilding the Turtle Beach site, we wanted to further optimize it to drive shoppers to take action by testing different approaches, learning from those results, and then refining our strategies. We joined forces with the CRO experts at 85-Sixty to run our test and learn program and couldn’t be happier. 85-Sixty put together a comprehensive plan of what to test. They also provided detailed and insightful interpretations of the results that, once implemented, improved the customer experience on our site and increased conversion.
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