Making Diamonds

Making Diamonds

Bride wearing engagement ring
Bride wearing engagement ring

The Challenge

Reeds Jewelers is a premier and family-operated retailer celebrated for its remarkable selection of fine jewelry, premium watches, and bespoke engagement rings. Reeds approached 85SIXTY for help with an ambitious project to create an innovative digital experience that reinvented how customers purchase diamond engagement rings online.

Our challenge was to create a digital experience that was not only intuitive and easy to use, but provided a human element to the experience that guided users through each decision, educating them on how to select the perfect diamond, and leaving them with the confidence to make such an important and substantial purchase online.

During this process, we created/delivered the following:

  1. Comprehensive Experience Strategy
  2. 50+ wireframes & design comps for both mobile and desktop experiences
  3. Product finder (including logic strategy)
  4. Product Configurator
  5. Personalizations
  6. Modular content library

Our Proof

Increase in Adds to Cart
Increase in Quality of Product Views
Increase in Page CTR
Decrease in Exit Rate
Jewelers User Experience and Design examples

Our Approach:

Rethinking Diamond eCommerce

Using our understanding of how both motivation and value influence human decision making, we set out to truly understand the diamond ring buying experience, both brick and mortar and online, top to bottom. During this process, we discovered three topics with revelations vital to building out the strategy:

  1. Purchase Psychology
  2. Purchase Process
  3. Level of Knowledge

 Working collaboratively with Reeds to understand every detail of the experience (and there were hundreds of details), we began building out the strategic core through:

  1. Developing User Personas
  2. Mapping  the Customer Lifecycle 
  3. Constructing User Journeys 
  4. Solutioning sessions (Brilliant minds in a room with a white board, where the magic happens)
  5. Martech Solutioning

The resulting customer experience strategy prescribed a true paradigm shift for the diamond engagement ring industry. Reeds was ecstatic and referred to our strategy as “Brilliant”.

Our team of talented UX and Design experts brought this new strategy to life with a fully “development ready” design portfolio, including highly functional components. Implementation is ongoing.

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“It looks amazing and we're thrilled with all you did to help us achieve this!”
Heather Bernardo
Reeds Digital Product Manager

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